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Brazilian Rosewood Guitars
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The 38 F
HD-35 Custom Brazilian
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Previously Sold
Brand Model Body Type Condition Remarks Date
Taylor PS14ce Milagro BRZ.(ES2, V-Class) Grand Auditorium Cutaway New Sold! 2023.08.12
Lowden The 38 F Concert Jumbo New Sold! 2022.12.20
Rozawood HD-35 Custom Brazilian Dreadnought New Sold! 2022.03.19
Rozawood RB-28 Custom Brazilian Rosewood OM Deep Body New Sold! 2022.03.19
Goodall BRGC Grand Concert New Sold! 2021.06.02
Brahman Brahman Artist 위탁판매(Used) Brahman Artist 640mm Used (As New) Sold! 2020.05.21
Goodall TBROM Orchestra Model New Sold! 2018.07.28
Taylor 816ce Brazilian Rosewood Grand Symphony Cutaway New Sold! 2017.02.26